Founded in 2001, We Solve IT was born from a leading Internet Service Provider servicing organisations across the UK.

We believed there was a desperate need for small to medium businesses to get access to simple but effective IT solutions along with fast, responsive support services. That belief hasn't changed.

We have consistently been at the forefront of innovative business computing; we were amongst the first to recognised the power of Broadband connections, delivered some of the first Microsoft Small Business Server implementations, and were demonstrating virtualisation back in 2008.  Less than a year later we were welcoming organisations through the door of our proudest moment to date.

BizLive - the high-performance cloud computing platform was created by our engineers to deliver hosted environment for desktops, servers, applications and data.  Unlike other providers who simply resell a crowded space in an unknown datacentre, BizLive is entirely our own service, with carefully managed and continually updated technology that provides the most secure and available cloud solutions for your organisation. 

We instinctively realised the way such technologies could improve the agility and efficiency of an organisation and have continually invested in solutions that will deliver tangible benefits to your organisation. We separate the truly innovative from the fads, the fashions and the shiny nice-to-haves, providing you with the confidence that our services add real long-term value to how you work.  

With such solutions now widely recognised and adopted, it's strange to remember there was once significant resistance to ideas such as email, the web, and using applications online. We are in a new era of IT where competition of technology products means only the "useful" tools and systems survive, as well as pushing prices down to a more realistic level. And with a new era of computing being viewed as a service, further reducing the overheads and resources required to have a business system comparable with even the largest global corporation, we are proud of ability to provide the leading technologies - and combine them with our personable, human approach.

In this new era we are discovering fresh, exciting ways that help you improve how you do business.  Join us.