Data Storage


Discover high value, scalable storage solutions providing features including reliable and available capacity, comprehensive search and retrieval and secure archiving for legislative compliance.

Storage solutions from We Solve IT combine years of experience in delivering innovative, robust storage infrastructures with class leading vendors including Veeam, Mellanox, Open-E, LSI and more. We provide superior performance, robust protection of your valued assets and low costs.

Organizations enjoy a range of tangible benefits from our expertise in storage, including:

Reliable, Dependable Backups

Control the management of your business data backups, with automatic scheduling and scalability to provide confidence that your most valuable digital assets are protected.

Improved Storage Utilization

Our vendor independence and broad experience in storage solutions gives you the assurance of the optimum solution for your organization; efficient allocation of physical space across your network, available for users regardless of their platform.

Data Recovery Made Simple

In the event of hardware failure, or even a network-wide disaster, data recovery from We Solve IT gives you the confidence that your backup technology will restore data fast and minimize business interruption. 

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

Extended data retention, information integrity and e-discovery are placing additional strains on storage capabilities.  Our expertise can help you to overcome such hurdlers and meet stringent compliance standards, giving you the confidence in passing audits and avoiding reputation shredding litigation.

Increased Availability

It's critical to minimize downtime within your network and avoid lost revenue and business resumption costs.  Our storage services include disk-based backup for mission-critical data, helping you to keep business interruption to mere minutes.

Take a look at our services in SAN, NAS, Virtual, Cloud, eMail Archiving and Backup & Restore to discover how your organization can overcome the problems in effective handling of ever increasing amounts of data within your network.