Document Management

document management


Our document management services can help you to overcome time-consuming handling of paper-based information and combat invasive floor creep from ever-growing filing storage systems, radically improve retrieval and archiving of information. 

  • Reduce physical storage space requirements through digitisation of hard copy documents
  • Fast indexing for better storage and retrieval
  • Improve security by storing confidential information away from unauthorised access
  • Enjoy legal compliance and regulatory compliance
  • Improve internal processes and reduce time wasted on searching for documents
  • Easier and more defined distribution of information to employees and partners based on preset levels
  • Safeguard business continuity by duplicating information for backup

Document management helps organisations to improve the handling, retention, security and distribution of information. By transforming hard copy documentation into digital content, previously bulky and at times randomly stored information is turned into indexed data - slashing time and resources required to process and retrieve information as well as making archiving and distribution a simple point and click task.

With document management an organization can liberate office space, removing the need for large numbers of filing cabinets and specialized file storage, and avoid the frustrations of lost or misfiled documentation.  Document management also delivers huge gains in security, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised viewing and helping the enterprise to meet regulatory obligations in data privacy and financial compliance.

We help organizations integrate document management with line of business applications to provide staff with the ability to view information directly within the programs they use. From accounting packages to contact management and niche finance systems, document management can transform how your organisation deals with customers and partners, dramatically reducing decision making lead times.

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