Private Cloud Services


While we have helped many organisations enjoy the compelling benefits of BizLive, cloud computing can also be deployed on-premise, which makes the technology an even more attractive prospect for just about any organisation.  

Ultimately, cloud computing is concerned with transforming the way your organization provides  technology for consumption by users; IT in effect becomes a service, which means you can then measure usage - and be better placed to meet future needs.   

Developing a private cloud is increasing in popularity with enterprises who understand (or wish to gain a better understanding) the concept of turning their infrastructure into a service model, but want to utilise the cloud internally as opposed to using an external resource.  There can also be other drivers, such as:

  • Recent major investment in hardware technology which must be atomised
  • Ongoing concerns regarding allowing data to reside elsewhere and the security and integrity implications 
  • Fears about use of Line of Business (LOB) applications – support, licencing etc  

The ideal solution is to utilise the power of your current business systems and turn it into a cloud platform, delivering computing resources to users while you retain physical control over the datacentre and allowing you to:

Pool Your Resources - a private cloud consolidates your key hardware components together that allow you to then provision and scale applications and resources.

Turn IT into a Service - cloud computing allows you to deliver applications and resources as services, turning users into customers who can then use the systems provided to use as they see fit.  This means they can potentially manage themselves, which would free up your support resources for tasks requiring attention elsewhere

Create Flexible Resources - the cloud is brilliant for reacting quickly to changing requirements and allow you to scale services up or down according to need.

Move to Usage-based Computing - another facet of the cloud is that, as users are now customers, their usage can be monitored and even metered for billing, either internally across departments or externally for business partners as part of the delivery of products and services.  

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