Hosted Business Applications

Move your office applications to the cloud – and transform how you work.   We host business applications for organisations via our dedicated services BizLive, giving you true collaboration, combining high data security with improved accessibility and availability.

  • We bring a better, more efficient, way of working to your enterprise
  • Help your staff to work anywhere, anytime – and on any device
  • Develop and manage global policies on data retention and sharing
  • Enjoy the latest applications – at no extra cost
  • Move from rigid licencing to flexible monthly usage
  • Reduce capital expenditure on infrastructure hardware and support services  

cloud computing overview

Utilizing our cloud office applications brings new levels of flexibility to how people work within your enterprise.  No longer constrained by their location - or their device - staff can use email, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and be more productive wherever they are.  

The cloud is brilliant for management too.  Users can be assigned to applications they use simply and conveniently, while usage costs can be monitored and increased/decreased on a monthly basis.  No more having to purchase rigid licence agreements or minimum user packs; with our cloud your organization's office application usage is better controlled and more cost effective.   Not only can you enjoy better value from your office application deployment, you can also have the latest versions, available on demand, as and when you need them - without the time consuming downtime involved in upgrades within your infrastructure.  

Hardware costs are an incremental issue with office applications.  By utilizing our cloud services, you can dramatically scale back your infrastructure budget; with programs and data moved to our hosting environment you won't need faster, bigger server and storage solutions that seem almost mandatory with every version upgrade.

Line Of Business Applications

Locate your Line of Business (LOB) applications to the cloud for easier support and improved availability.  Provide Line of Business and other specialized applications in our cloud and enjoy anywhere, anytime access.   If your organization uses LOB applications we can provide a hosted service that will improve availability and security while providing the option to integrate specialized programs with your standard office desktop applications. From manufacturing to financial services, we deliver in-depth experience to transform your LOB application and provide the flexibility and availability user demand.

Retain existing integration of Office applications such as Micrososft Word Improve convenience - users can access LOB applications anywhere Extend platform usage - your LOB application can be used on any device Increase availability - our cloud environment comes with a 99.95% SLA Painless, simple and cost-effective, with our expert cloud engineering services   Read how we help LOB applications delivered to healthcare providers.   By bringing your LOB application to our cloud, you can enjoy increased flexibility to usage and improve the security and accessibility of your sensitive data.

  • Move from rigid licencing to flexible monthly user access  
  • Centralize organization data to a manageable, convenient location
  • Improve data backup and disaster recovery policies  

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