Remote Working


Remote working solutions from We Solve IT give your organisation the ability to improve the management and control of your applications and data and how they are delivered and maintained - while also improving the flexibility and productivity of your employees.

We provide hosted shared, virtual desktop and streamed desktop solutions that allow users in your organization to connect, view and work both in and outside of your offices.  A centralized  approach to management means you can control application access according to users in groups based on their role or individual requirements.

Remote Desktop provides:

  • Access to applications and data from anywhere and on any device
  • Use of highly convenient features, such as printing to remote printers, to increase productivity
  • Reduce maintenance and management costs through a centralised approach to control
  • Extend the working life of company hardware     

Remote Desktop Access - Tailored To Your Organization

Our solutions for remote desktop carefully consider your organization and your objectives before recommending the best solution.  For example, if you are a small business using Microsoft SBS then we may be able to implement simple and robust remote desktop access into your company - saving you time and budget.    Or perhaps you require a high degree of control over your users for legal compliance - we would then help you by delivering a more comprehensive remote desktop solution.

A simple diagram below illustrates the scalability of our vendor partners in terms of your size by employees: 



Small and medium organizations can also benefit from our hosted desktop solutions.  From 10 to 100 users we have a range of tailored services to help you improve the management and control of applications and users.  Click here to read more.

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