VoIP Multi-Tenant Telephone Solutions

3cx phone-system-multi tenantManaging groups of small businesses located in a single office with traditional PBX systems can be difficult due to the multiple and varied tenant requirements.  Fault finding and resolution can similarly be problematic, while long term contracts and support costs can be an obstacle to renting office space.

If you own or manage multi-tenanted premises then our tailored telephony services can help you to realise significant savings in time as well as budget.

We have helped managed services offices offer their customers a hosted telephone service in an easy, cost effective manner whilst still retaining control of the customer account.

Your tenants will love the features of 3CX and will feel you are truly adding value to their business, helping increase retention.

Simplify Tenant Telephone Systems Management
Our software based VoIP telephone solutions simplifies management by consolidating up to 10 tenant phone systems onto a single server, reducing infrastructure costs and making maintenance significantly easier.

Flexible Tenant  Solutions
Our VoIP solutions for office management allows you to increase or decrease provision according to occupier demands – providing you with a compelling feature to prospective tenants.

Individual licences can be implemented so each tenant can utilise different versions, such as allowing one to use the call centre module while another utilizes the standard system - all easily configurable for fast and convenient setup.

Delivery of 3CX multi-tenant systems includes remote support, allowing us to diagnose and fix issues without the delays incurred with arranging on-site visits.