Desktop Virtualisation

Deploying desktops as a managed service lets you respond more quickly to changing needs and opportunities. You can reduce costs and speed service by quickly and easily delivering virtualised desktops and applications to branch offices, outsourced and offshore employees, and mobile workers on iPad and Android tablets. We Solve IT provide scalable, consistent, fully secure, and highly available desktop virtualisation to ensure maximum uptime and productivity.

  • Streamline deployment and management by delivering desktops as a centralised service
  • Provide secure access to office staff, home workers and contractors without sacrificing performance or security
  • Utilise We Solve IT's expert support services to accelerate the efficiency of your desktop maintenance requirements

Desktop virtualisation provides ultra fast deployment of business resources for staff, providing flexible capacity when required. Your organisation can use desktop virtualisation for seasonal staff, or for contractors working on projects, minimising time spent setting up computers, installing software and assigning permissions.  Read more about virtual desktops and management

Providing a more flexible service to staff is becoming increasingly important for many organisations.  Virtual desktops allow for access to applications and data from any location and even work offline - so employees can continue working without the need to be connected to your infrastructure.

Security and integrity of your infrastructure and data is always paramount.  Virtual desktops are unaffected by malicious code residing on the user's device, protecting your sensitive data. Read more about desktop virtualisation and security.

Not sure if virtual desktops will work for you?  Take a look at our Remote Desktop Services instead.

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