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Customers are the ultimate endorsement of your organisation.  Without them you would cease to exist - and with more of them your ongoing success is more assured. But in many enterprises the knowledge of your customers is scattered, held in documents, spreadsheets, emails - and in people's heads. Information such as which contacts are decision makers, future purchasing plans, how long it takes for a prospect to become a client, and many more questions that are vital to the continued success of your business, but which you can't get view easily - or at all in some cases.

Customer Relationship Management is the effective answer to turning the problem of harnessing complex, disparate information about your clients and consolidating it all into an accessible, available portal for better planning, better management and better results.

A CRM solution from We Solve IT can be used in a wide variety of ways. You can analyse your customers to see purchasing patterns, help sales to identify incremental opportunities, understand which ones are a good return on your investment, and the depth of knowledge you have about any particular client. But CRM doesn't end there. You can record post-sales support for example, or measure the success of marketing campaigns with client sand prospects alike. Store information about your business partners to help you identify opportunities or process referred leads. Improve compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Even gain insight into your competition. A CRM solution from We Solve IT can be as far reaching as you need.

Prioritise Your Work

CRM help you to sell your products and services to your markets at the right time. They use the knowledge you provide - both documented and tacit - to give a complete picture of opportunities and challenges you may be facing - and identify issues you were previously unaware of.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Every Step Of The Way

CRM provides huge benefits to your entire organisation. From sales to marketing, technical, finance, administration, customer services, right down to reception, with CRM your staff can provide better service, be more proactive and make your customers feel valued and loyal to your brand.

Turn Random Marketing Efforts Machine Into Focused Activities

Lord Leverhulme famously remarked that half of his advertising spend was wasted, and he didn't know which half it was. CRM can transform the way you communicate and promote your organisation, reducing wastage from broad distributions to more focused and targeted messages that resonate with your clients and prospects alike - plus, you can track opportunities, recording and distributing them with automation features to help guide your colleagues and their new prospects through the activity.

Stay Compliant

In this age of so-called big data it's even more vital to ensure you have a firm grip on the information you retain about your customers and prospects and how they wish to hear from you. With CRM you can not only minimise the destructive power of unsolicited messages, whether electronic or paper, you can also be proactive in distributing communications to people which is more relevant to their role or interests - helping to build a more positive perception of your organisation and increasing buyer loyalty.

Next Step

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