CRM Integration

crm email integration

Realise the power and benefits of integrating CRM with email marketing - communicate with customers, prospects and partners effortlessly and compliant with domestic legislation.

A Customer Relationship Management system can help you understand your clients, prospects and business partners much better - and with our integration services you can get much closer to them too.

The power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics has already made it one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems currently available. Our integration services with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp transform an already excellent CRM application into a powerhouse of customer communications, allowing you to:

  • Adopt double opt-in subscription to your marketing communications plans for improved delivery and conversion rates
  • Automate your subscribed/suppressed lists - no more sending emails to people who don't want them 
  • Create templates for newsletters, promotions and other communications quickly and easily
  • Send highly targeted content tailored people based on their known interests, purchase history, seasonal demand - whatever you decide
  • Report on activities through a single portal for faster measurement and analysis

mailchimpYour enterprise can integrate email marketing with your Microsoft Dynamics implementation to communicate accurately, regularly and legally with your customers and prospects - and see your business grow.  Our integration services help you turn email marketing from a laborious, resource heavy process into a fast, click and send activity - and leverage the power of automated campaigns and active reports to see your progress.

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