VoIP Call Centre Telephony

082Using our call centre solution, provided in conjunction with leading VoIP technology partner 3CX, provides a comprehensive range of features for your organization to reach new standards in customer care, meet performance targets and improve staff productivity.

Traditional PBX systems for call centres were renowned for their cost - both installation and management -  and lack of tools for accurate reporting. Our VoIP call centre solution provides the scalability, management and reporting you need to provide high-quality customer services - at a fraction of the cost of comparable PBX systems.

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No Installation Required

The 3CX Call Center module comes as a license key upgrade to 3CX Phone System - meaning a huge range of features to support your customer operations is ready and waiting for activation.

Extensive & Detailed Reportsreports

For Call Centre Managers and owners of contract call centre services, being able to provide accurate, granular reporting is critical to determine performance against set targets and SLA agreements.  Users of our 3CX solutions enjoy access to a vast range of reports across criteria including traffic, operator productivity, giving you the ability to drill down to source and destination number for set periods to provide exactly the information you need.  You can also pre-configure SLA targets and generate reports to view breaches - vital for any organization providing call centre operations services.

  • Review activity by multiple levels - teams, groups and individual numbers, all viewable
  • Discover traffic and call centre performance - see peak activity and spot issues with calls abandoned by time or queue
  • Spot your best performers by reviewing answered calls and their distribution throughout the day

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callcentre groupImprove Agent Productivity and Customer Handling

Providing outstanding customer service is fundamental to attracting customers - and keeping them year after year.  For call centre operators, agents who deliver real customer satisfaction - and do it efficiently - are highly prized.  For sectors where call centres must be compliant with distance selling, financial, health or data privacy regulations, our 3CX call centre solution helps you to proactively train and mentor agents, helping them to improve their effectiveness and work to stringent guidelines.

  • Record calls for training and review - essential for improving performance and protecting against misuse or abuse 
  • Supervisor features for effective management, including monitoring calls with the ability to remain silent, speak to the agent or both parties
  • Monitor agent performance - calls answered, time per call, wallboard statistics and much more

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Our call centre services deliver a professional package that helps raise staff productivity as well as provide demonstrable improvement in customer satisfaction – all at an affordable price. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organization transform your customer operations - and deliver a real improvement in client satisfaction and sales.