Internet Connectivity

Wide Area Networking (WAN) services from We Solve IT provide high value connectivity to your office, giving you fast, reliable bandwidth for your staff and partners to communicate and work more productively.  From simple ADSL to bonded lines and EFM, our WAN solutions will help you to compete more effectively for less.

High-Value Business Broadband Solutions

For locations looking for low cost Internet connectivity, digital subscriber lines (DSL) can provide primary or secondary Internet service that won't blow a hole in your budget while allowing you to:

  • Use email to communicate with customers, partners and fellow staff
  • Utilise streaming audio/video technologies
  • Transfer data between staff and office locations
  • Connect to internal or external networks where required

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Deliver Secure Access

You can also utilise our expert knowledge in providing highly secure infrastructures.  Develop your existing security solutions and policies to give your staff increased confidence in accessing online information and services and communicating with partners while guarding against the threat of malicious code.

Reduce Maintenance

Internet connectivity isn’t just vital for your organisation to operate effectively, it should also be easy to manage. We Solve IT provide managed connectivity services that can consolidate your existing Internet connections and improve reliability and availability.

  • High-speed, dedicated Internet access
  • 24/7 monitoring to free your staff from repeated, time-consuming administration
  • Flexible management options according to the level of control you wish to have