Small Business Telephone Solutions

Our 3CX telephony solutions and services utilise the most flexible, feature-rich telephone system available – made affordable for small businesses.

A business telephone system has traditionally been a major cost overhead for smaller organisations. Installation and support would impact on staff productivity, while proprietary technologies restricted integration with office applications and the range of handset options, along with the ability to work outside of the office.


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We deliver 3CX VoIP telephony solutions, providing small and medium sized organisations with a simple, flexible yet powerful telephone system that helps them grow their business.

Fast, simple setup and management - The 3CX system requires just a server to host the system software - your existing data network carries the voice traffic. Plus, the web-based management console allows you to setup new users, control features and add new functions, whenever you need them.

Decrease call costs by utilising the internet for your network - using the Internet as your carrier can save you up to 40% of your call costs.

Extend your telephone system to users regardless of location - 3CX Phone Systems includes apps for Android, iPhone and Windows VOIP phone - so your staff can switch between their handsets when in the office to a softphone when out on the road.

Integrate fax and email services - With 3CX small businesses can incorporate their fax line and deliver messages to their eMail inbox - reducing costs even further.

A wide range of handset options, including using your existing hardware - 3CX VoIP telephony works with many handset producers, including CISCO, Siemens, Aastra, Linksys, Polycom and more. Even analogue handsets can be used via a FXS gateway, or use your smartphone as your main handset.

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