Network Solutions


Accelerate your network and extend its life with our networking solutions.

We deliver high-speed, robust, secure networking to organisations, with services ranging from cabling installation and management to wireless configuration - all undertaken with careful consideration of your current systems, your offices and environment and supporting your objectives for your infrastructure. 

Our networking services and solutions include:

  • Data & voice cable installations in both new build or existing office space
  • Communication room installation
  • Backbone installation- boxes, lines, management, fibre patch cords, Inner-duct tubing
  • Fibre-optic cable installation
  • Patch panel installation
  • Cable management of existing networks
  • Office equipment relocation services for modular furniture or open space office equipment rack
  • Wireless integration
  • Network hub & switch installations

Keep Control of Your Network

Your internal computing network may be critical to your enterprise to perform the most basic of tasks - yet it can be shocking how users can treat it in such a casual manner and put your entire business at severe risk.cable-management 

An all-too common issue we come across is the use of wireless routers that have been brought in by users to give themselves or their colleagues access to the network. This can allow a major breach of your network through poor configuration, effectively providing an open door through which a third party can enter your systems at will - and potentially bring your entire organization down through theft of sensitive data, placing malicious code in your network, harrassing users - the list goes on.    

This is why your network and its integrity should be taken as seriously as the rest of your IT resources, and why you should work with ourselves to make sure you have a flexible, secure and robust infrastructure that provides easy access for your staff while keeping unauthorised users firmly locked out. This is just one aspect of our network services, but an important example of how we take careful consideration of your overall use of technology and how we ensure you can enjoy high performance systems that keep your data and your users safe and secure.