Hosted Desktop Solutions

While hosting your user's desktops may bring tangible benefits in centralising management and control of applications and data, it can also be deployed in a number of different ways to meet the demands of your staff.

Perhaps the best known approach to desktop hosting is the hosted shared environment, where you can transform how you deliver applications and data to your users. But not everyone will fit in this approach, and so we provide two alternative methods of bringing desktop hosting to your organization that minimize the impact on staff who require more flexibility in how they can utilise company programs and information.

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Usable and beneficial remote desktop access technology within your organisation depends a careful analysis of your objectives, your infrastructure, and of course your budget. Over the many years we have been helping organisations to implement remote desktop access we have accumulated extensive knowledge and an array of solutions that are flexible to suit your immediate and long term requirement.

For small organisations looking to introduce Remote Desktop Access with Microsoft Small Business Server, we provide configuration services to enable them to access applications and data.

If your organisation is looking to get started with Remote Desktop Access with Microsoft Windows Server instead of Small Business Server, we can help you through configuring your current installation as well.

If your remote desktop objectives fall beyond the abilities of Microsoft Windows Server or Small Business Server, then we can also provide high value Remote Desktop Access solutions.