Cloud Backup

The foundation of an effective plan for dealing with interruptions to your computing infrastructure is the speed with with you can restore essential applications and data for staff, customers and partners.  That's why you will have scheduled backups of your systems to tape or disk which, from trial runs and snapshot reviews of them in action, allow you to know how long it will take for your organization to be operational again. 

However, this approach is not without potential issues, such as:

  • Scheduled backups may be left on-site - and subsequently damaged in a disaster
  • Backups that are taken off-site may be unavailable for a period of time in the event of a disaster, or are damaged which is only discovered when attempting to use them
  • Backups of branch offices or staff working remotely become difficult to find and restore

Just those three scenarios above can present very real business continuity problems for your organization; without some or even all of your valuable data and systems your staff will find it difficult to resume work, which can have a serious impact on your customers and other business partners.

It's a potentially dangerous position to be in - but you can reduce the risk with our cloud backup services.

Minimize The Risk Of Failure

The cloud is the perfect way to backup your systems and data as it addresses many of the issues surrounding traditional data backup strategies that you would face in the event of your systems suffering a disaster:

  • Each scheduled backup is automatically going off-premise
  • You can use single or multiple repositories for information
  • The cloud can be for used for critical systems/data, remote offices or users, or entire infrastructure backups
  • No need for capital expenditure - just subscribe to our service
  • Adjust your backup requirements as you go, tailoring the service to suit your needs
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere and avoid relying on off-site backups to become available

Serving small, medium and large organisations across the UK, we actively help you to plan and implement a cloud based backup  and recovery plan that you can be assured will perform quickly and effortlessly – ensuring your staff can continue to work almost as if nothing happened.  And with our disaster services extending down to individual users you can bring the security of our data recovery solutions to remote and branch staff - slashing the time and resource it would take to restore a user back to normal operations.

Contact us for further details on  0121 314 0001 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to hear more about our cloud backup services.