From single offices requiring simple, robust connectivity to multi-branch organisations in need of secure links to the enterprise, we provide a comprehensive range of services that ensure your users can access vital information and applications regardless of their location.

Our LAN and WAN services focus on providing a complete end-to-end solution, including:

  • Organisation Requirements Analysis
  • Network Architecture Design Services
  • Wiring and Hardware implementation / configuration
  • Network administration
  • Fault Analysis, troubleshooting and Support

We Solve IT possess detailed experience in the design and management of LAN and WAN  systems.  From initial planning to ongoing maintenance, we help organisations operate resilient networks and enjoy fast, secure access of data and applications that allow staff to perform tasks efficiently.   

Even the smallest business infrastructure can become complex and time-consuming to administer. With multiple vendor products and devices processing applications and databases across a distributed network issues can quickly impact on your staff and time resources - particularly when skills are scarce.

Through a combination of our experience in designing and maintaining a wide range of LAN and WAN networks and our partnership with leading vendors, we can help to transform your office or regional locations into a seamless, high speed, flexible system that is a true asset to your organisation.