Disaster Recovery



Any and every type of business can expect to encounter an incident that is serious enough to halt normal operations.  A flood, a fire, power loss, theft or criminal damage are the more common ways in which an organisation finds itself unable to operate, meaning staff are placed under pressure to try and return operations to normal as quickly as possible. 

Such situations can be mitigated by developing an effective disaster recovery plan, which documents how the organisation should prepare for and ensure that any interruption to normal operations is minimised – both in time and in cost.

Disaster Recovery ServicesGood disaster recovery planning can be quite detailed, even for a small business, and there are a number of steps involved to make sure such a plan is viable.  But perhaps the most important area of disaster recovery is concerned with your business data.  Without your financial and customer records your ability to function will cease almost immediately.  Invoicing will stop, wages won’t be paid, customer quotes and orders won’t be processed.  Nearly half of all business that suffer a major loss of data never re-open – and nine out of ten close within two years.  

It’s vital therefore that your organisation has an effective disaster recovery plan and ensures that critical business information is available in the event of a catastrophe.  But where do you start?

We provide highly cost effective data backup strategies that help an organisation continue to trade, even in the most disastrous situations.  Our experience in disaster recovery helps us to provide practical, common-sense based solutions to organisations faced with the task of developing a disaster recovery plan.  Plus, we also provide background documentation and simple guides that can help you to develop a disaster recovery plan conveniently and quickly.