Network Attached Storage

Small and Medium sized organisations, local branch offices and home-based businesses need to retain ever-increasing amounts of vital commercial data and ensure it doesn’t become lost. Even though budgets may be limited, data storage requirements are just as important as a global corporation. Though their budgets and resources may be limited their storage and backup needs are just as vital as those of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Network Attached Storage is the perfect solution for many organisations looking for fast, convenient data retention and sharing.   NAS  allows an organisation to consolidate and backup files to one or multiple locations – and do it anytime and from any location.

With Network Attached Storage an organisation can:

  • Hold and access data from a device using the existing network, removing the need for extra hard drives
  • Be flexible in taking on additional capacity when required in the future
  • Provide robust backup using RAID technology
  • Have the option of automatic backup to reduce IT support time and give you the confidence of knowing your data is safe and secure

We help organisations of all sizes to determine a storage strategy that suits their immediate and long-term goals –so that they are confident they are receiving the best value and return on their Network Attached Storage investment. Our independent advice and support will help you to fully map your storage requirements, helping you to enjoy a long term, viable plan that can scale up with your increasing storage needs. 

Here are some tips to help you get started in understanding the amount of Network Attached Storage you might require:

  • If you work in a single office with a small number of computers and have a wireless network, your priorities will centre around having storage that delivers convenient file sharing and backup, with simple management to minimise the need for support.
  • If you run a branch office, or a chain of offices, the ideal Network Attached Storage will work across a wide area network, allowing you to consolidate data from other locations and sharing amongst groups of employees. As some information may be confidential and therefore off-limits to some staff, having the ability to create private folders will help ensure you remain complaint with data protection legislation.  
  • Large offices typically require multiple access levels to data, with enterprise performance and data resilience via backup – plus management should be accessible for the internal IT function.

Network Attached Storage and Remote Access

Staff working in the field shouldn’t be forgotten – they will need the safety of Network Attached Storage along with flexible access too.  We provide advanced Network Attached Storage solutions that work not just in your office, but from any location and any device.