Remote Working


One of the biggest risks in allowing users to work remotely is the handling and potential loss of company information.

Within the confines of a local network the data contained within is relatively secure and under control of your administrators. However, once free to be accessed outside by people and devices beyond of the firewall your valued and sensitive data is at a much higher risk of abuse through:

  • Being viewed by unauthorised individuals
  • Increased risk of intrusion by code or individuals into your existing business systems
  • Stolen either in transit or while resident on a remote user's device
  • Infection by malicious code while off-premise

To help combat these issues and provide you with greater confidence in accommodating remote workers, we recommend considering our services around Remote Desktop and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) solutions. Both are effective ways to mitigate against the inherent risks in allowing remote working within your organization and can help improve productivity too.

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