Email Archiving

Email archiving solutions from We Solve IT help your organisation protect your critical information, your messaging integrity and the safety of your employees – keeping your operations running efficiently. Typical features we deliver to organisations include:

  • Meet Compliance Requirements. Email archiving from We Solve IT brings you the benefits of e-discovery, transforming the process involved in searching for messages while  slashing the time and resource required to address requests for information
  • Policy Enforcement. In addition to meeting legal requirements, email archiving also helps organizations enforce corporate email policies, deterring email abuse, distribution of inappropriate content and loss of sensitive information to third parties
  • Added Business Continuity. Your emails contain vital data, making it vital to plan for overcoming business interruptions.  Email archiving provides the bonus of improving your business continuity planning (particularly with cloud-based services), to minimize the prospect of being unable to operate if your internal systems fail. 
  • Email Inbox Management and Storage. Replace haphazard email Inbox management and combat the growing cost of archiving with our services in both on-premise and cloud based email archiving solutions
  • Server Performance. Improve the performance of your email server and associated backups through reducing their workload


Email archiving and Compliance

Email archiving in the cloud

Email is the most common form of company communication, both internally between staff and externally with partners. It’s ubiquitous – and a potentially major risk.

With such large and varied amounts of information that is typically contained within an organisations email system, it is vital to create a viable archive that can store historical messages and retrieve them when necessary. For users, having the ability to recall a message sent weeks, months, even years ago, quickly and simply, is invaluable. For an organisation, the means to discover emails and their content can be hugely beneficial in pursuing or defending legal claims – reducing lengthy delays and avoiding tribunal or court fines, thus protecting business reputation.

Email archiving shouldn’t be looked upon as a big company issue either. Employees increasingly use their email inbox as a filing cabinet, taking up space on the email server and impacting its performance. By archiving historical messages the accumulation of emails can be managed more effectively, helping to reduce the load on your mail server. Plus of course, an archive serves as a backup in case the email server fails

We Solve IT provide a high-value range of solutions across email archiving, including advanced cloud based services, to help keep your records reachable and uncorrupted.