Avast Solutions

AVAST Software is a leading light in securing business infrastructures.  Cross platform solutions that are light, easy to deploy and truly scalable, Avast provide a proactive answer to protecting your business systems from malicious code and mischievous intent.
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Flexible, Dependable Endpoint Protection Avast Security delivers a series of compelling benefits to business users, including:
  • Pay only for the features required: AVAST Endpoint Protection provides leading security for all your users, without requiring extra expense for additional server protection
  • Trusted across the Globe: Utilising a certified AV engine that is relied upon by over 177 million devices you can be confident in deploying defences that are robust and thoroughly tested. Avast Endpoint Protection provides not only strong defences but also web-based central management/updating, remote installation, real-time security alerts, scheduled automatic scanning, and much more.
  • Keep your business activities private: Your operations are yours alone to be concerned with.  SafeZone™ creates a private virtual environment on your users’ desktop to allow you to handle sensitive financial transactions and business data safely online.
  • Save time and costs: Avast makes endpoint protection easy for administrators.  Install and update users devices remotely and save both time and costs usually associated with traditional deployment. Plus, Avast provide two management console options – a simple Small Office or the Enterprise Administration centre.