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Untangle Firewall Solutions


Untangle create multi-function firewall solutions that make connecting to the Internet safer for your network, faster for your users and easier to manage for your Administrators. From under 10 users to 5,000 + we provide Untangle to provide a strong layer of defence for organisations of all sizes.

Untangle's network security solutions comprise of a rich series of individual applications that can be specified individually to create a high tailored defensive layer for your infrastructure.  These include:  

  • Protection - Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention
  • Filtering - Application Control, Web Filtering, Spam Filter, Ad Blocker
  • Performance - Web cache, WAN Balancer, Bandwidth control
  • Connectivity - IPsec VPN, Open VPN and Captive Portal
  • Management - Policy Manager, Directory Connector, WAN Failover, Reports

We provide Untangle in three formats according to your business needs:untangle appliance 120

  • Software - Packaged bundles of Untangle's modules which are installed on to your existing hardware device
  • Appliance - A pre-built device containing specified application modules which we install into your network for fast defence delivery
  • Custom Built Solution, often integrated with pfSense  to provide a comprehensive perimeter defence for larger organisations

Why Untangle?

In the security solutions market there are a number of solutions available that can provide you with a good level of defence.  However, with Untangle you can enjoy far more comprehensive protection that rivals either do not offer - or charge you extra for the privilege.

For example:

  • Untangle not only offer two alternative antivirus engine but they can also be used together to give a double layer of protection
  • The web filter module lists over 450million websites - that's more than many other vendors put together
  • Untangle provide defence and network performance in one solution
  • Features such as remote access are extra cost with other vendor solutions

Untangle is also a a low-maintenance solution, requiring little maintenance once installed and freeing up your time to focus on the rest of your infrastructure.