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Microsoft Small Business Server has played a prominent part in the networks of many startup and growing organisations. Easy to install and pretty robust in action too, SBS showed a lot of companies how technology can really help them work faster and provide better service to customers and partners.

Sadly, SBS is no more, replaced by Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials. So, what do you do?

The great news is that we will be continuing to support Microsoft Small Business Server deployments for as long as practical to do so. We grew up with SBS, have a sizeable number of deployments and many of you are happy to stay with it too. So we're here to help you.

Of course, not everyone is going to want to stay with SBS. If your organisations is growing then you may want to move up to a more powerful and comprehensive platform. Or you are looking to restructure your network to be take advantage of the powers of virtual computing and move towards a cloud model. Whatever your position, we're here to guide and help you - today and tomorrow.

Help! My Small Business Server Has Failed!

If you are having issues with your Microsoft Small Business Server then it's time to call us to sort it out. We've set up, deployed, supported and repaired more Small Business Server installations that we care to even try and count. It's a lot. Which means we have a huge level of knowledge about Small Business Server and can turn even the most truculent Small Business Server installation into the high performance core of your network you want it to be.

Just call us on 0121 314 0001 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start enjoying a Small Business Server that really delivers for your business.

Want to Migrate? Look Before You Leap

At some point you will want to move on from Small Business Server - and there are several options available. How do you decide on the best route to take?

Whether you are curious about moving to the cloud or simply moving to a new server platform, we can help you with clear, real-world advice that is free of bias and relevant to your needs.

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