Guarding against the destructive effects of malicious code, viruses and unauthorised access is vital for any organisation regardless of its size - and for a small business breach can be devastating in terms of lost revenues and goodwill from customers.

Thankfully, for most small organisations bringing even a basic layer of security to your infrastructure need not be difficult or expensive. Single users for example can use the built-in features contained within Microsoft Windows and have a robust firewall, while antivirus defences can be found from a number of vendors - you can choose from the likes of Microsoft or our specialist AV partner Avast! to have a free antivirus solution and have a good level of defence from most attack vectors.

If your organisation employs staff in an office then your security needs will most likely be a little more involved in order to cover the vulnerable points you will have within your systems. These will commonly deal with guarding the perimeters of your network - for example, deploying a firewall on the lease line in your office providing internet connectivity for email and web usage - along with have additional security layers for any servers holding data or applications (email, accounts etc).

A more involved infrastructure however shouldn't mean a major investment in security solutions to keep your users, data and applications safe from attack by malicious code. We provide practical, 'real-world' analysis of what your organisation really needs based on your current systems, and in many cases we have actually reduced costs as well as providing a simpler, easier to manage security deployment that looks after your valuable data while allowing your users to get on with their work.

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