Storage for Small Businesses

One of the fortunate points about a small business and its infrastructure is that data is less likely to be spread around lots of devices and various locations.  A low number of desktop or laptop computers and possibly a server or two means you shouldn't have to look far to find saved files and get on with your work.

The downside however is that if you lose any of those machines to a virus or failure then you run a serious risk of losing the data within it, which could be catastrophic for your business as you spend time trying to either retrieve the information or recreate the files.  It's a potentially horrible situation to find yourself in - and completely avoidable

Avoiding such a situation is easy.  We provide storage solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure for fast, efficient storage of critical data that can be expanded as your need for more space increases in the future.

Hassle-free options for small businesses

Storage is more than just having some space on a hard drive; we help organizations improve the availability and security of their data, giving you peace of mind that your valuable data is not just safe but accessible too.

A small business typically expands their storage space by up to 70% each year, and you need security and availability of your business information.  Our storage services for small businesses helps you enjoy the resillience and availability of big systems - without the high investment and support resources others may require.

Network Based Storage

Ensuring your business information is stored within your network removes the risk of holding data on local drives and their impact on your operations if they should fail.   From entry-level USB drives connected via a router to dedicated servers, we provide storage solutions for small business that help them retain and retrieve data quickly and easily - and give them options to backup their data for peace of mind too.

Cloud-based Storage

Cloud Computing can be a brilliantly cost-effective way to utilize technology in a small business. But did you know it can also be just as good for data storage too?

There are some very compelling reasons for storing your data in the cloud:

  • You will be reducing expenditure on hardware, software and support at a stroke.
  • Your data will be available even if your office suffers a flood or fire
  • Long term storage of information of legal / compliance, such as email, is easy to set up and manage

Next Step:

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